1. Be your own champion

Avoid negative self-talk which only creates harmful stress and limits your ability and potential. Take charge of your life and move fearlessly to achieve your goals. Positive self-talk is a great tool for success. Always empower yourself. Success starts with YOU and believing that you can do it.


  1. Be patient and kind to your changing body

With each and every practice, your physical body will develop and get stronger. You will learn to identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Give it time to go through these changes. You will have a new appreciation for your physical abilities.


  1. Climb for yourself

Do it for the right reasons. Not because other people are doing it or your parents and friends want you to do it. You need to love the sport and love climbing because it makes you happy and gives you accomplishment, growth and success.


  1. Don’t listen to negative people

There will always be people who put you down, pick you apart, or look for your faults and flaws. Negative talk and negative people are harmful to your mind and spirit. Stay away from negativity and refocus your energy towards being the best version of yourself. Your success belongs to no one but you.