The centre offers leisure climbing for walk-in customers as well as Level One and Two courses for people who want to be a certified proficient climber. Level One allows a climber to do cord roping, where a rope is secured to the harness around the climber’s waist and a belayer holds on to the rope below, providing support and security to the climber.

For advance climbers, there’s a Level Two lead climbing course where climbers bring the rope up as they climb and secure it at strategic positions on the wall themselves to prevent from slipping to the ground.

Certificates given are certified to the South-East Asian Climbing Federation and it’s affiliated to the International Climbing Body. Armed with these certificates, one should be able to walk into any South-East Asian climbing centre and use the facilities.

UP is a great after work hang out venue as it opens from 4pm till 10pm and what better way to shake up the sleepy muscles after a long day at the desk than hauling yourself up a two-storey wall? Climbing is an activity that engages every muscle in your body and a lot of core strength is required. It improves your movement and flexibility, tones your muscles and even strengthens your fingers.

Unit B25, One Menglait Industrial Park, Simpang 44, Jalan Menglait, Kg Pengkalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


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